Fall Lantern Walk 2023

  • Children icon Age: to
  • Clock icon Time: 1 hour+
  • Leaf icon Materials: One or more lanterns per group

The Guide

Step 1: Decide where, when and with whom you will walk.

There are two ways to participate.

Find a Local Tinkergarten Walk: Visit tkgtn.com/walk to see if there is a Tinkergarten Teacher hosting a Lantern Walk event near you. If so, click to register and join in!

Host your Own Lantern Walk: Want to host a walk for you, your family or some friends? Check out this PDF Lantern Walk Guide!

Step 2: Make Lanterns

If you are subscribed to Tinkergarten Home, you can check out Fall, 2023 Lesson 8, Making Lanterns for a full lesson dedicated to lantern making. Not subscribed? visit https://tkgtn.com/lantern to find lantern making directions and learn more about this tradition.

Step 3: Gather Materials for Your Walk:

Step 4: Practice Lantern Songs

Check out our Tinkergarten Digital Song Sheet (with audio and lyrics) to learn and include special songs in your walk.

Step 5: Walk!

Enjoy this sweet, simple and most moving event.

Step 6: Share

Share your photos and stories using #TGLanternWalk and #Tinkergarten to help spread light and hope across the Tinkergarten community. We can't wait to celebrate with everyone!

Why is this activity great for kids?

For 11 years running, our Lantern Walk has become a magical, annual tradition, designed to help kids big and small, notice and welcome the darkness that comes as winter approaches.

Together, we learn to embrace change as a beautiful part of our world. This year, thousands of people across our broad community will light their lanterns and head outside to walk, sing and enjoy the beauty of our little lights against the dark evening sky. 

This chance to feel connected to one another, our community and the natural world can provide us a lasting dose of hope to carry into the upcoming winter and the year of 2024!

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