Wishes for Summer

The official start of summer is June 21st—the Summer Solstice. Try some of these simple and sweet ways to make summer wishes and teach kids to hope, set intentions and enjoy the cycles of the year!

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The Guide

Talk About the Change

Talk with kids about the fact that a new season is starting. Wonder together about what the four seasons are and how summer will feel, look, smell, sound and taste different from spring.

Summer often brings really big changes to schedules and routines, so talking that through can also help kids prepare and manage their transition—something that can be harder for kids than us adults. 

List Your Hopes

Make a list of the things you hope to do or experience together this summer. Do you have travel plans? Are there places you'd like to go back to or that you'd like to see for the first time? How will you find ways to cool down when it gets hot? Are there special things to do around where you live that only happen in summer? What about summer holidays? birthdays? Are there opportunities to do things you normally do inside outside, like eating meals, making art or even showering (if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor shower!). 

Make a Summer Adventure Jar

Brainstorm a list of all kinds of summer adventures you would like to take. This can include places you'd like to explore, hikes you'd like to try or some of the hopes listed above. It can also include micro-adventures like swimming in the rain or eating ice cream by the sea. 

Write each idea down on a different slip of paper, then place all of the papers in a large glass jar, box or other container. You can decorate the container with suns, flowers or other images that mean summer to you. Or, use clue to stick on nature treasures to make it special, too. Throughout the summer season, pick a slip out of the jar every time you have a chunk of time open for adventuring! 

Make Wishes or Intentions

Seasons bring new sensations but they also bring the opportunity for a fresh start. That makes the start of a new season a great time to make wishes or set intentions for something you'd like to do differently. 

 Is there a project or a goal you'd like to take on this season? Maybe you'd like to hike each weekend or spend more time outside? Is there something you'd like to change or do differently as a family? Maybe you'd like to move dinner a little earlier so you can enjoy a walk afterwards. Is there something you'd like to learn more about together? Is there something you hope happens for someone you care about, your community or the world?  

Why is this activity great for kids?

Just like a new year, the start of a new season is the perfect occasion to teach kids about the cycles of life and to set family wishes and goals — something that sparks hope and helps kids develop a sense of time and a strong foundation in persistence and grit (one of the 8 Tinkergarten skills kids need to thrive)!

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