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This We Believe

Each week, we present a new expert designed play scenario to challenge each child, as they learn in a supportive, mixed-age social group. Our lessons are inspiring invitations to play, and our Leaders, together with parents and caregivers, support children at driving their own learning. Over the course of each unique season, powerful themes emerge and children strengthen essential skills through play.

Tinkergarten lessons are engineered to help kids develop a range of essential physical, cognitive and social-emotional skills. These skills support kids at being ready to learn, ready to thrive and ready for anything. We make learning irresistible by designing each experience to inspire wonder, activate the senses, leverage brain science, draw on wisdom of the ages and unleash the talents of our passionate network of educators, parents and caregivers.

Collect Skill Badges

Each season, we focus on a key skill. Complete a season and earn a one of a kind iron-on skill badge.

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