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Tinkergarten Babies

Connect and learn outdoors


Support baby’s development

Understand how your baby learns and how to help them to blossom.

Get outdoors

Get Outdoors

Give baby the optimal sensory stimulation and all of the health benefits nature provides—even better sleep.

Joyful community

Find joyful community

Where babies get to be babies, and parents get to connect with other new parents.

About Tinkergarten Babies

Tinkergarten Babies is where you and baby learn to learn together, naturally. New parents need to learn about their new role, connect with other parents, and most importantly, spend valuable time with their baby. Slow down once per week and learn how observation and play can help your baby thrive while forming a lifelong connection to nature.

During this critical period, more than 1 million new neural connections form per second in a baby’s brain. They develop so quickly—physically, cognitively and socially. And though parents are the perfect teachers, it can feel overwhelming to do all you can to support your baby. Fortunately, nature provides the ideal sensory experience to nurture the learning and well-being of babies and parents.

At Tinkergarten Babies, we leverage the latest in brain and developmental research and combine it with generational wisdom (we love it when science and your grandmother’s advice come together). So don’t wait—join your local group and come play and learn outdoors together!


A safe environment and group to watch the babies explore, and create memories together.

Mom of a Tinkergarten Baby
Fall 2018

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