Wrap it Up

At Tinkergarten, we love to offer kids colorful yarn as an open-ended play materials to spark creative play.  One of our favorite ways to explore yarn is by wrapping and unwrapping objects- a universally compelling play activity for kids. As featured in our February activity calendar, in this activity, we add a bit of mystery to kids' yarn play by inviting them to discover hidden wrapped objects.

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The Guide

Wrap up nature treasures: Gather a few objects from nature (e.g. sticks, pine cones, rocks) and wrap them up with colorful yarn or twine. Wrap up a few small objects from around the house, too!
Treasure hunt: Hide the wrapped objects around your yard or outdoor space and let kids know you have hidden some treasures for them to find.

Guess and unwrap! As kids discover the hidden wrapped treasures, invite them use their senses to guess what might be hidden inside? Does the hidden treasure have a smell? Is it heavy or light? What shape is it?

Once kids have had a chance to explore the objects, invite them to unwrap them to discover what is inside. Give plenty of time for kids to explore the unwrapping process and make a big moment of the final reveal!
Wrap and repeat! If kids enjoyed the hunt, wrap and hide more objects for them to find. Or, invite kids to wrap up objects for you to discover. Take a walk around your outdoor space together and wonder what else you could wrap with yarn. Yarn-bomb a tree trunk or branch! Or, wrap yarn around a few different branches to create a web for pretend spider play!
Want more ideas like this? Try our Abuela's Weave DIY or our Play Like Spiders web weaving activity.

Why is this activity great for kids?

Covering and uncovering objects is a universally compelling play activity for kids and supports the enclosing behavioral schema. Adding a hunt into play supports focus and problem-solving. As kids wrap and unwrap objects they also use persistence and fine-motor skills. 

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