Take A Wonder Walk

Practicing wonder is key to well being. This week at Tinkergarten Anywhere, we take a wonder walk, noticing and asking questions about the nature around us. Along the way, we'll discover something curious...squiggles that we can use to pretend and spark joy.

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The Guide

Step 1: Watch the Tinkergarten Anywhere "Wonder Walk" video lesson.

Hop into your Tinkergarten dashboard to watch the "Wonder Walk" video lesson. Kids can watch how Meghan and other explorers notice, wonder and ask questions about the things they discover in their outdoor spaces, then get inspired to take their own Wonder Walk!
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Step 2: Gather a few materials:

  • A space to walk and explore outside
  • Optional: Printable Wonder Walk Cards
  • Optional: Ribbon or yarn cut into strips

Step 3: Introduce the idea of a Wonder Walk. 

You can say something like, “The world is full of so many things to wonder about and discover! I bet that if we went on a Wonder Walk outside, we could discover so many interesting things to wonder about.”

Step 4: Head out on your walk.

Along the way, model curiosity by wondering aloud about the things you notice. Invite kids to share what they notice, too. You can also use the wonderings and prompts on these Wonder Walk Cards for inspiration. 

Step 5: Add a surprise discovery. 

To add an element of surprise and whimsy to your walk, hide strips of ribbon or yarn somewhere in your outdoor space and discover them together while on your walk. Let kids know that these are not just ribbons/yarn, but “squiggles”—and they can be anything we want them to be! 

Turn a ribbon into another object by moving it and your body in a way that reveals what it could be (e.g. wiggle it on the ground like a worm, shape it into a round puddle, then jump into it with a big splash).  Invite kids to guess what you are imagining it could be. Then, hand kids a squiggle and invite them to wonder and explore all of the ways they can move their squiggle and transform it into something else.
Want more ideas like this? Try some of these DIY activities to spark curiosity and wonder. 

Why is this activity great for kids?

This activity is designed to reinforce kids’ natural curiosity and propensity to wonder. Practicing wonder not only helps kids learn more about the world around them, it strengthens their wonder muscles, making that innate capacity less likely to diminish as kids age. Learn more about the power of wonder here.

Curious kids become more critical thinkers and capable learners. Practicing this kind of deep curiosity also contributes to psychological well being, grit, and happiness at any age! Add silliness and whimsy, and you also spark joy, which also has lasting positive effects on our health and wellness.

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