Pea Plant Hideout

  • Children icon Age: 0 to 8+
  • Clock icon Time: 1 hour+
  • Leaf icon Materials: 6, 8-foot garden stakes; tools to prep the earth (trowel and rake); water; sharpened pencil; twine; bucket/watering can; ~100 pea or bean seeds or 12 pea starters; potting soil

As part of our Tinkergarten April Calendar of Activities, we're cooking up a special activity to help families plant their very own pea plant hideout. It's a super fun project if you can gather the materials, have the outdoor space and can set aside about an hour. We planted ours and can't wait to watch the peas and our cool summer hideout come to life!

If you don't have it yet, download our free April Calendar full of activities and sweet ways to celebrate nature and play all month long at

The Guide

  1. Find a Spot—Pick a location in your outdoor space to create your pea plant hideout. You'll want a 6-foot circle of space with some room outside of it for the plants to grow. If your spot has open earth or grass you can dig up, you can plant right in the ground. If you don't, you'll need to plant your peas in pots.
  2. Gather Materials—For our hideout, we used the following: 6, 8-foot garden stakes; and tools to prep the earth (trowel and rake); water; sharpened pencil; twine; bucket or watering can; ~100 pea or bean seeds; potting soil.
  3. Soak Seeds—To make germination faster, soak pea and bean seeds in water overnight. [We did not do this, but it helps!]
  4. Plant your Stakes—We laid out four stakes in a snowflake pattern, then put a rock at the end of six of the eight tips, leaving two of the tips empty (these will become the door). Then, we pushed the six stakes into the ground at an angle, so their tips came together in the center. If you are using pots, place 6 pots in a semi-circle and place one stake in each pot.
  5. Lash the Tops Together—Use garden twine to lash the tops together, creating a structure that resembles a tepee.
  6. Prep the Soil—Loosen the earth around each pole and add potting soil if/as needed. If you are using pots, fill the pots with soil.
  7. Plant Seeds—Plant 12-18 pea seeds around each of the poles. Ask kids to use a sharpened pencil to poke a 1-2 inch hole. Then, drop in a pea and gently cover up again.
  8. Water Away—Give the soil a good watering.
  9. String up Twine—Starting near the ground, string twine between each of the poles around the outside of the structure. Repeat, moving up the structure, one foot at a time. String pieces of twine vertically as well to give peas more chances to grow up.
  10. Take Care—Weed, water and watch your pea or bean plants grow. Help them find their way to a pole or stretch of twine so they can climb and create walls for your hideout!
  11. Enjoy!Enjoy a cool and magical summer hideout (and some nibbles on peas when the time is right!).

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