A Winter Howling

Winter Howling Activity for Kids

Inspired by Little Wolf's First Howling, a wonderful book about a young wolf who is learning to howl his own howl, we started a tradition of winter night walks (i.e. chances to howl!). 

The Guide

This one is simple and full of joy. If you have a copy of Little Wolf's First Howling, read it and have a blast making Little Wolf's one-of-a-kind howling sounds. If not, simply suggest, should we go for a night walk?

Put on PJs and whatever outer gear you need in your neck of the woods this time of year. Grab a lantern or flashlight, and head outside.

Along the way, listen to the sounds of nighttime in winter. Stop to close your eyes and quiet your sense of sight—such a dominant sense. Feel the winter air on your cheeks, smell the smells of winter where you are, and listen—really listen. What do you hear?

Then, stop somewhere and give it your best howls, just like Little Wolf did in the story. Night howls are full of joy and wildness and make for lasting memories. Or, if you are like us, they make for what has become a tradition!

Why is this activity great for kids?

This kind of play can benefit kids in many ways, including:

  • Being out at night—with you—is a memory-making thrill. Nearly always, the chance to howl and make your own music is perfectly wild and joyful.
  • Kids can strengthen their sense of hearing and the practice of listening.
  • Open-ended sound-making and experimentation is great early work that leads to flexible and creative thinking down the line.
  • Pretending to be other creatures helps develop both imagination and the basis for empathy.

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