Celebrate Twos-day!

2-22 comes around but once per year—a perfect time to find and marvel at twos! In honor of "Twos-Day", our February activity calendar features this Hunt for Twos activity to help kids explore matching pairs in nature.

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The Guide

Hunt for Things that Come in Twos:

One easy place to start to look for twos is by looking at our bodies or the bodies of our pets, stuffies or friends. What parts of our bodies come in twos? 

Look around the house, car, yard or park and see what else comes in twos. Shout out or say "Happy Twos-day!" all day long whenever you see a pair or twosome of some kind. You can also make a photo series of things that come in twos, too! Share them with us by tagging @tinkergarten and #twosday!

Collect and explore:

Head outside to collect objects from nature. Offer kids an egg carton, basket or bindle to carry the objects as they collect. 

Once kids have collected their objects, arrange them on the ground or a table to marvel at the different treasures they found. Invite kids to use their senses of touch, smell and sight to explore the objects and talk together about the different characteristics you observe. What colors do they see? Which objects are small/large? Which are smooth/bumpy? Which are heavy/light?

Sort and match:

Model making a pair of two objects with the same characteristic (e.g. two objects that are the color green or two objects that feel bumpy). Invite kids to make their own pairs with their collection of treasures (you’ll be surprised at how creative kids can be with the categories they invent!). If kids need a few prompts, invite them to pair up the objects by type (e.g. 2 sticks, 2 rocks, 2 leaves, 2 pinecones). Or, for more of a challenge, try out some of these pairings:
  • 2 objects that are bumpy
  • 2 objects of the same color
  • 2 objects with a smell
  • 2 objects that can be ripped up into smaller pieces
  • 2 objects that can roll
As kids match objects together, invite them to share what they noticed about the objects they paired together. How are they the same? How are they different? 

Find a Match hunt: 

For an extra challenge, choose one of the treasures and ask kids to describe how the nature treasure feels and looks. Then, invite kids to hunt around the outdoor space to find a “match” for one of its characteristics. As kids create their pairs, invite them to describe how the two objects “match.”

Why is this activity great for kids?

Sorting and matching pairs of objects helps kids develop visual memory and pattern recognition. As kids explore the characteristics of objects, they activate multiple senses, including sight, smell and touch. Hunting for matching objects is also a super way to support kids’ problem-solving and focus skills.

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