Explore Winter Like a Superhero!

This winter’s Tinkergarten lessons focus on persistence, with each lesson inspired by a different, persistent animal superhero with amazing abilities to thrive during the winter.

In the first lesson of winter Tinkergarten, we discover that we, too are superheroes who can play outdoors all 4 seasons! We’ll invite kids to use simple props and tools to persist and discover what is special about their winter outdoor spaces. 

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The Guide

Step 1: Watch the Tinkergarten Home "Meet the Superheroes" video lesson.

Hop into your Tinkergarten dashboard to watch the "Meet the Superheroes" video lesson. Kids can watch how Meghan and other explorers use super tools to discover what is special about winter, then get inspired to go on their own super winter adventure.

Step 2: Put on your superhero gear.

A simple prop or custom can sometimes be all kids need to spark imaginative play. To help your explorer feel like the true superhero they are, try out one or more of these simple superhero props:
  • Cape: Use a rubber band to secure a bed sheet, blanket or any other large piece of fabric around your explorer’s shoulders. Read our Superhero Cape DIY for more ideas on how to help your explorer decorate and customize their cape.
  • Mask: Print and cut out one of these Superhero Masks. Then, welcome kids to use glue or tape to stick lightweight nature objects and create their own superhero or creature mask. Read our Nature Mask DIY Activity for more ideas.
  • Cuff: Wrap a piece of craft or duct tape inside-out around your explorer’s wrist. Then, welcome them to collect treasures to stick on to their superhero nature cuff.

Step 3: Get geared up for outdoor play.

No matter what outdoor gear looks like in your climate, being able to dress for winter warmth and comfort is one of our human superpowers! Need gear ideas? Check out our Winter 2024 gear guide. You can also read tips on how to add fun and whimsy to your kids’ getting dressed routine here.

Step 4: Discover winter in your biome.

Head outside to explore your outdoor space and discover what makes winter special where you live. Use all of your senses to experience the beauty and treasures that nature provides. 

Winter Wonder Frames: To help kids slow down and look closer, print and cut out one of these Wonder Frames, then walk around looking for beautiful pictures in your outdoor space. Enjoy seeing new landscapes, close ups and everything in between!

Scavenger Hunt: If kids (or you) want more of a focus on your outdoor adventure, you can also offer this Winter Scavenger Hunt Sheet to help kids search for colors, shapes, scents, creatures and more.

Step 5: Warm up from the inside.

At the end of your winter outdoor adventure, share some warm herbal tea or cocoa and reflect together on what you noticed during your walk. Sharing a warming drink together helps to create a moment of quiet and cozy to overcome the chill and heighten your enjoyment of time outside together. Enjoy your warm drink as a cozy coming-inside ritual or bring a thermos outside and enjoy an outdoor tea party!

Why is this activity great for kids?

We forget sometimes that we, too, are animals with tools that enable us to persist, thrive and play outdoors all 4! Just being outside, keeping our bodies moving and warm, and welcoming winter helps kids (and us) learn to persist. Offering a simple tool to help kids slow down and take in the natural world is a super way to support kids’ ability to focus their attention, all while stimulating their senses. And finally, pretending and superhero play also supports cognitive flexibility.

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