Celebrate the Sun!

Sunday, March 12th is the day most of us spring forward by turning the clocks an hour ahead. Here are 16 sweet and simple ways to celebrate the 60 extra minutes of daylight we experience—a great chance to slow down for a moment, celebrate nature and help kids learn to embrace change!

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The Guide

On Sunday, March 12th, head outside with kids to enjoy an extra 60 minutes of sunlight together. Reach out to friends or family to welcome other people to join you in celebrating. Doing these kinds of celebrations in community with others helps kids get even more benefit—it's as if the whole world is learning with them about how to embrace change with joy! Try one or more of these ways to celebrate the sun and embrace the time change:

  1. Make Sun Catchers to catch the extra daylight!
  2. Search for signs of Spring in your biome.
  3. Take a family adventure.
  4. Make shapes of joy from nature treasures.
  5. Whip up bubble juice and make some bubble joy.
  6. Jump for JOY!
  7. Be a Star with joyful movement.
  8. Play with your shadow.
  9. Puddle stomp (if you are given rain).
  10. Make ribbon kites fly or turn ribbons into squiggle magic.
  11. Spin until you get dizzy!
  12. Roll down a hill, then repeat!
  13. Climb a tree (or log...or anything)!
  14. Have a Tinkergarten Animal Dance Party.
  15. Host an outdoor tea party or pack a family picnic.
  16. Whatever bring your family JOY!

Why is this activity great for kids?

Celebrating the time change with 60 minutes of outdoor play is a wonderful way to experience joy together as a family (for which the benefits are long and lasting), form special family memories, and help teach kids a valuable lesson about embracing change. 

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