Celebrate the Earth

In the final lesson of winter Tinkergarten, we invite kids to throw a party to celebrate all of our Animal Superheroes and the Earth we call home. Kids can use what is around them to create a feast and make promises to protect the greatest superhero of all—the planet we call home!

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The Guide

Step 1: Watch the Tinkergarten Home "Super Celebration" video lesson.

Hop into your Tinkergarten dashboard to watch the "Super Celebration" video lesson. Kids can watch how Meghan and other explorers celebrate the Earth, then get inspired to create a celebratory feast of their own.

Step 2: Plan your feast.

Wonder, what would our winter Animal Superheroes like to eat at a feast? What can we use to make pretend foods for those creatures?

Step 3: Collect ingredients and cook up a feast.

Help kids “shop” for nature ingredients. These could be acorns, grass, rocks, fallen leaves, and more! Then, invite kids to “cook” up a feast for Earth’s creatures. You can give them buckets, pots, pie tins, or anything else you don’t mind getting dirty. You can also add some water and dirt or some forest putty (homemade playdough) into the mix. 

Step 4: Extend the play.

  • The more, the merrier! Invite some stuffed animal friends to the feast. What foods would they like to eat?
  • Decorate your feast! Follow our tips in our Nature Curtain DIY to turn twine and nature treasures into a beautiful curtain to decorate your feast.  
  • Make promises to the Earth! Talk with kids about the gifts that the Earth provides and what your family is most thankful for. Talk about ways your family can give back to the Earth and help take care of it. You can write or draw your ideas down on these printable Earth Promise Cards. Hang your cards from a tree or nature curtain. Or, place them in a jar and pull one out each week to try something new to help care for the Earth. Need some ideas? You can find a list of small steps your family can take to care for the planet and other creatures in our Be An Earth Helper DIY activity.

Why is this activity great for kids?

Feast making offers a universal context for pretend play that is both simple and open-ended enough to challenge explorers at any age. It’s open-endedness also makes cooking/feast play a great way to support creativity. Cooking play also engages all senses, helping kids to take in and process information about the world and helping their brains engage in a more robust and profound way. As kids think about the needs of other creatures and the planet and then create something these creatures might enjoy, they will use both cognitive and compassionate empathy.

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