Animal Dance Party

Dancing and singing help kids develop their bodies, engage their hidden senses and can be a great way to learn about animals and spark JOY! Host your own animal dance party and get all of those benefits. Here's how! 

This activity is featured in our April Activity Calendar in honor of Earth Day. Download your free copy here.

The Guide

Step 1: Watch or Listen. 

Check out our Come to Tinkergarten animated music video or listen to the song together.

Step 2: Move! 

Have fun moving and dancing like each animal as you listen (If kids are familiar with Tinkergarten, they'll be well practiced at this!). Add simple props to inspire creative movement. A sock tied around the waist with a string can become a squirrel tail and a piece of fabric can transform into butterfly wings!

Step 3: Dance! 

Then, crank it up a notch by playing the Come to Tinkergarten dance remix!

Step 4: Invent verses and moves for new animals. 

Think about your favorite animals not mentioned in the recorded song. We come up with fresh lyrics for a new creature each week in Tinkergarten classes. Have fun coming up with movements and words that fit the animals and plants, or even the imaginary creatures, that your child loves most.

Keep the party going! Keep on singing, dancing and feeling the joy of learning about new creatures!

Step 5: Share your moves! 

Share a video of your favorite animal dance with our Tinkergarten Facebook Community or tag @tinkergarten when you share with yours so we can celebrate with you!

Want more play ideas to inspire active movement and engage kids' senses? Try our Design an Obstacle Course DIY or our Cozy Hideaway DIY.

Why is this activity great for kids?

When kids dance they develop their gross motor skills and activate some of their hidden senses, (like proprioceptive and vestibular systems) helping them learn and settling their bodies. At an animal dance party, kids also get to pretend and walk in the shoes (or hooves or talons, etc.) of other creatures—a powerful way to promote empathy. Finally, the benefits of experiencing joy, especially early in life about. And, what could be more joyful than dancing around together like the creatures we love? 

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