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Why It Works

Backed by Research

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Healthy, Happy Start

When kids spend time outdoors, they’re more physically active and enjoy reduced anxiety, improved sleep and enhanced mood. Best of all, these benefits last a lifetime. Learn More.

Nature as a Classroom

Stimulating and calming in equal parts, the outdoors provides a perfect environment for kids’ sensory systems, activating their focus for learning. Parents can sense this—research proves it. Learn More.

Play is Learning

“Nearly all developmental psychologists, neuroscientists and education experts recommend play for kids 0-7 as the best way to nurture kids’ development and ready them for success later in life.” —Scientific American

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Our Unique Approach

For nearly a decade, we’ve honed our approach to helping kids become healthy, curious, capable learners.
Nature at the core. Outdoors is the classroom. Creatures are our teachers. Mud and sticks are our tools, and every lesson deepens kids’ connection to nature.
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Irresistible invitations to play. Each lesson is engineered as an invitation to play that kids simply can’t refuse!
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Open-ended, child-led. Kids learn best when they lead the way. Plus, we help grown-ups support their child’s unique process.
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Part science, part wisdom. Every lesson combines early learning science with timeless wisdom about nature and childhood. It’s a magic combination.

How We Know It’s Working

After nearly 30 seasons, the data shows our impact on kids and families.

  • 87%

    Of families spend more time outdoors.

  • 85%

    Of kids show improved ability to focus their attention.

  • 90%

    Of kids play independently more often and for longer.

  • 93%

    Of parents feel better prepared to engage their child in playful learning.

Our Learning Journey

Each season, our curriculum focuses on one of our 8 key skills. Start anytime. Kids learn all 8 as they progress season after season.
Learning Timeline

What Parents Have to Say

Average session rating = 4.9 of 5


Tinkergarten has been the best experience for my son. He gets so engaged, and I understand what he gets out of his play experiences thanks to the program materials.


We've enjoyed learning new things each season. We’ve been doing Tinkergarten for three years now and it's still so engaging to our kids.


Every lesson always inspires creative play for hours and hours after Tinkergarten ends. I love that Tinkergarten is research based and truly brings out childhood play! Keep up the amazing work!

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