Bring your
school outside

Play is learning

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Bring your school outside

Play is learning

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What is Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten is the national leader in outdoor, play-based learning. Our experts train and coach teachers online in live group sessions, social learning environments, and with easy to follow instruction. We help teachers deliver an amazing year-round outdoor play-based learning program to 1 to 8 year olds.

We make learning irresistible by designing each outdoor experience to inspire wonder, activate the senses, leverage brain science, and draw on wisdom of the ages. With Tinkergarten, schools unleash the talents of their teachers to help every child become ready to learn, ready to thrive, ready for anything.

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The challenge
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Why Tinkergarten Matters

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Less time time spent by kids playing outside compared to their parents a generation ago
*National Trust, Natural Childhood Report 2012

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Number of hours per day the average 8-12 year old spend with media like mobile phones, tablets, and TV
*Common Sense Media 2015

How does your school benefit?

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