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Nominate a leader!

Do you know someone who would make a great Tinkergarten leader? Nominate them, and we will email them once about the opportunity. They’ll be flattered, and we’ll forever be grateful to you for bringing more kids outside!

Leaders are born every day

Active community members lead Tinkergarten everywhere. If you know a creative, entrepreneurial person who loves kids and the outdoors, you can encourage them to apply to become a leader in their own community. They’ll be part of a team, we’ll train, support, and give them all they need to be successful.

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Contribute Meaningfully

Life is too short not to love the work you do. Help kids get the start they deserve, and parents the support they need by bringing families together to learn in the best classroom of all—the outdoors.

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Flexible Work

Make additional income and set your own schedule. If you’ve got kids, you can bring them to work, too!

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Extraordinary Training

Become part of a talented and supportive team, receive comprehensive training in early childhood development, adult development, community outreach, and much more.

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Tinkergarten Leaders share their experience
Testimonial darkened

“I’ve got a whole new definition of what work can be. I spend my time helping kids and parents in my community, and I’m learning more about myself than I ever have. I’m outdoors more, I get exercise, get messy and laugh, and my son tags along with me—I can’t believe I get paid to do this!”

Beth Ashley

Tinkergarten Leader, Brooklyn, NY
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Know someone who would be a perfect Tinkergarten leader? Share the opportunity with them!

Do you have what it takes to be a Tinkergarten Leader?

  • You are a creative, connecting, entrepreneurial person.
  • You are committed to bringing back unbridled, outdoor play to childhood.
  • You know learning begins with creating, experimenting, and tinkering.

Leadership is rewarding — in more ways than one

Though people typically lead because helping kids is rewarding in its own right, Tinkergarten Leaders also earn financial rewards. Leaders earn a stipend for every class they teach plus bonuses for each new enrollee.

What's your goal?

# of classes Earning Potential Hours/week
I want to lead a class with my friends and bring my child. 1 Earn some extra cash while I get to do meaningful work. 2
I’ve got a flexible schedule and want a part time commitment. 3-5 Cover childcare or other significant expenses, save for something special, or add to our vacation fund. 6-10
I see a real opportunity to bring this service several locations in my region. 12 or more Create a busy weekly schedule and build a business with Tinkergarten®. 25+

Becoming a Leader

  1. Submit our 5-minute application. If it seems like a good match, we’ll schedule an initial call.
  2. Complete an efficient process, become a Certified Tinkergarten Leader*, and receive your starter kit.
  3. Participate in a comprehensive training process online and on ground, with a group of peers in other communities.
  4. Use our online leader tools to set a schedule and location for your classes.
  5. Market your classes, enroll families, customize your curriculum, and lead your first season. We’re with you all the way.
  6. Size your Tinkergarten business to fit your life—lead one class or grow your business in a wider geographic region.

You get:

  • Tinkergarten training and certification.
  • Starter kit with essential gear and materials for running your classes (To help us defray the cost of these materials and provide your training and support, we deduct $100 from your first two seasons).
  • Access to online leader tools to create, manage, and customize your classes.
  • Access to automated marketing tools to help you easily fill your classes.
  • Your own Tinkergarten webpage for marketing your own classes.
  • Online enrollment to accept secure credit card payments for your enrollments.
  • Insurance for running your own local classes.
  • Ongoing mentorship, training, insurance, and strategic business support.
  • Peer support from an active online community of Tinkergarten leaders everywhere.
  • Curriculum packs: Each season, leaders who meet minimum enrollment thresholds receive free “booster packs” for each class that contain essential materials designed for use with that seasons’ curriculum.


The Starter Kit

When you attain Tinkergarten® Leader Certification, we’ll send you a Starter Kit with all the gear and materials you need to start leading classes.

Join today, and have a bigger impact on tomorrow

We’re taking Tinkergarten to kids and families in every community. As a pioneering leader, you’ll have a unique opportunity to help shape a fast growing movement to take back childhood and bring the best early childhood education to anyone, anywhere!

“As parents, we all want our kids to be creative, capable, well-balanced and ready to lead. Tinkergarten leaders are the people who choose this work and make that magic happen every day. We are proud, grateful and continually awe-inspired by our leaders—they are the reason why kids everywhere ask “Is it Tinkergarten today?”

Meghan Fitzgerald

Tinkergarten Founder
Founder image

Know someone who would be a perfect Tinkergarten leader? Share the opportunity with them!

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