Leader since Summer 2016

Hi, my name is Nicole Cloeren. I am a leader based in Riverside, CA

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About Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten provides high-quality early childhood learning in the healthiest classroom of all—the outdoors. Families connect with trained leaders in their local community for play-based kids classes that help develop core life skills, all while having fun!

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Born and raised with my sister in Massachusetts, I grew up exploring the hikes and paddles of New England's many trails, lakes and coast lines. I spoke German with my immigrant parents who were always ready for a road trip anywhere from Canada down to Florida. I majored in English and earned a B.A. at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. Post graduation I spent 2 years teaching English in beautiful mountainous Austria. I met my husband while earning an MA in American Studies and then a PhD in Higher Education from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. I loved my stint working with study abroad and international students. Over the years I have enjoyed playing tennis, kayaking, camping, puppeteering, writing, and traveling. Currently in California, I am fortunate to focus on my two kids and husband while still engaging my passion for puppeteering and education. I believe we live in a beautiful world and we should embrace fun and wonder, never at the expense of others, and always with a mind to support our communities and individuals so that all may share in the joy and challenges of our interconnected existence.

- Nicole Cloeren


Nicole Cloeren has led classes in Botanic Gardens, UCR (Riverside, California) and A Riverside area park (Riverside, California).