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Hi, my name is Michele Almeida. I am a leader based in Tucson, AZ

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About Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten provides high-quality early childhood learning in the healthiest classroom of all—the outdoors. Families connect with trained leaders in their local community for play-based kids classes that help develop core life skills, all while having fun!

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I grew up in a small town in New Jersey where I roamed the local forests, rivers and meadows as much as my heart desired. My fondest childhood memories are of the times spent outdoors adventuring and exploring with my friends and siblings, without adult supervision. We built forts, lived in imaginary kingdoms, created our own games with ever-changing rules and took risks. I'm fortunate that as a child I was given the chance to wholeheartedly immerse myself in nature. I still possess a sense of wonder and amazement for the natural world, as well as a strong sense of place. The Sonoran Desert captivates me. At first glance it may seem harsh and unforgiving, but there is so much beauty in the desert, especially when you slow down and really pay attention. I enjoy sharing my passion for nature and the outdoors with my daughter and I'm excited to extend it to the community through Tinkergarten!

- Michele Almeida