Leader since Summer 2016

Hi, my name is Kristina Thomas. I am a leader based in Arlington, VA

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Tinkergarten provides high-quality early childhood learning in the healthiest classroom of all—the outdoors. Families connect with trained leaders in their local community for play-based kids classes that help develop core life skills, all while having fun!

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The outdoors are my favorite: the sky, the grass, the trees, the dirt, the rocks, the water, the birds, the worms, even the bees. How rich nature is! I grew up in Washington State, then Hawaii, and was blessed with beautiful surroundings whenever I stepped foot out of the door. Now we have to roam a bit further, but it's true what they say: adventure is out there! (Thanks Russel!)

- Kristina Thomas


Kristina Thomas has led classes in Potomac Overlook Park (Arlington, Virginia), Fort Ward Park (Alexandria, Virginia), and Bluemont Park (Arlington, Virginia).