Leader since Summer 2016

Hi, my name is Jamie Tammaro. I am a leader based in Rockaway Park, NY

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About Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten provides high-quality early childhood learning in the healthiest classroom of all—the outdoors. Families connect with trained leaders in their local community for play-based kids classes that help develop core life skills, all while having fun!

I am a wife, a mother of 2 gorgeous girls, and an educator! I have a master’s degree in education and am highly experienced in child development. With that being said, I am also a firm believer in play! Playing is so much more than it seems to the outside eye. In play, children learn and they have fun doing it! They are learning to problem solve, to question, work in teams, verbalize their ideas, invent, make choices, to discover, etc.. They are learning science, math, they are building a foundation for language arts, and as Albert Einstein said “Play is the highest form of research.” The benefits to play are endless. This is one reason I am so proud to be a part of Tinkergarten. “Much of what children do as play- singing, drawing, dancing- are natural forms of art. These activities engage all the senses and help wire the brain for successful learning.”- David A. Sousa, ‘How the Brain Learns’

- Jamie Tammaro