Leader since Summer 2017

Hi, my name is Crystal Apilado. I am a leader based in Winters, CA

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About Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten provides high-quality early childhood learning in the healthiest classroom of all—the outdoors. Families connect with trained leaders in their local community for play-based kids classes that help develop core life skills, all while having fun!

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I truly believe that children should be able to Play! Messy play, exploratory play, muddy play -- children should be allowed to play their own way. My mother was a preschool teacher and I've found myself drawn to early childhood education and parent-cooperative preschools my whole life. Watching children discover things and enjoying life is not only an honor, but also keeps me feeling happy and young at heart. I hope to bring that same wonder by bringing Tinkergarten to my community.

- Crystal Apilado


Crystal Apilado has lead classes in Valley Oak Park (Winters, California).