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Refer a Friend

Tinkergarten is even better with friends! Invite friends and family to join you in our In-Person classes. Together, we can build the movement to get kids playing and learning outside together!

How It Works

  • Copy and share your unique link with friends.* Or click “Share now” to use our invite tool to invite them via email or Facebook.
  • When your friend enrolls in a class, we’ll refund you $25.
  • If you refer 5 friends who enroll in a class, you’ll earn a free Tinkergarten season!
  • Questions? Learn More
*Program Rules
  1. Friends you invite must be new to Tinkergarten (friends who have previously enrolled in a paid Tinkergarten class are not eligible for referral).
  2. Refunds are applied to your most recent season's enrollment fees.
  3. Tinkergarten Leaders are not included in this program.
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